Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate networks offering account management are able to support advertisers on their day to day reporting to provide insights on performance and industry circumstances as well as give regular benchmarking and sector analysis.Account Management team can offer support for overall bussiness strategies and suggest compaign ideas and recommendations to help acheive both company and channel objectives for their clients.

Publishers must apply to join affiliate networks and then go through an approval process for each individual advertiser programme. Not everybody is accepted, so your products are only promoted by those publishers the network has deemed to be potential good partners for the advertisers on their platform. On Awin, we have a dedicated compliance team who individually checks each affiliate before they are allowed to join the network, to ensure the quality of our publisher base and the partners you can work with.

A YouTube channel description is the text on your channel's “About” page. It helps viewers understand what to expect from your brand.

this is the link of google

e-commnerce market place

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rnetwork is a affilate network


bluehost is ahosting provider



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